Each year an incredible number of campers leave the confines of these homes and neighborhoods and set off on a quest for the fresh air and open spaces of the great outdoors. But campers are no different than other vacationers, and the degree to which they escape the comforts of home may differ greatly. Déménagement prefer to travel within their RV (recreational vehicle) in which they can enjoy all the comforts of home and some! Some RVs have significantly more amenities than many homes or hotels!

In contrast to the RV camper, some individuals truly like to rough it and live off the land as their ancestors did. For them a tent and fire provide their basic necessities, and the fun is based on getting from modern creature comforts. However, not absolutely all campers are interested in residing in one place. Sportsman ? like hunters or fisherman ? or those who simply prefer to explore, need something different which will supply them with shelter, comfort, and mobility, and nothing fills that role such as a truck camper.

A truck camper is really a camper that rests securely in the flatbed part of a pickup. Unlike an RV or pop up camper (a camper that is towed behind a truck or car), a truck camper lets you bring a good shelter with you in the tiniest possible footprint.

Because it rests in a pickup, it can go just about anywhere a pickup truck can go. Back roads or the boulevard, parkways or national parks, a truck camper can go anywhere your heart desires. This is why these campers will be the choice for the sportsman who seeks remote hunting or fishing grounds, or the campers who want to find their own campsite far away from the convention of the hardwired campgrounds.

Truck campers offer obvious advantages in their mobility, together with lower fuel consumption and lower profile than RVs or pop-up campers. However, do not let their smaller size fool you, they are often incredibly well appointed and more spacious than you might imagine. Like all recreational vehicles, they range in size, features, and price.

Starting with a smaller and more basic model, you might typically find a truck camper that offers living area that is roughly eight feet long. While which could sound small, a smartly designed truck camper can pack a whole lot in that little space. You will probably find that even the more basic, more affordable truck campers will have features like an ice box, a sink with hot and cold water, a stove top, Porta-Potti storage area, a patio shower with privacy curtain, a sitting area, and a generously sized bed. When combined with propane gas and water storage ability, a good basic truck camper can allow you to venture definately not the beaten path without sacrificing comfort or ignoring all of your basic needs.

In case you have a taste for things that are anything but basic there are truck campers for you aswell. Deluxe campers can stretch to as much as twelve feet of floor length and have a listing of features that you would be prepared to find on a complete sized RV. How about a bathroom and shower, flat screen television with surround audio system, refrigerator and freezer, multiple burner stove top and oven, hvac, and a queen sized bed? Yes, all those things and much more can comfortably fit in a first rate truck camper.

The truck camper that’s best for you depends on a number of things. Your wants and needs, your allowance, & most important, your truck; all of those factors will drive your ultimate decision. Some campers can not easily fit into the bed of smaller trucks, and some smaller trucks can not handle the weight of the biggest truck campers (that may exceed three thousand pounds). As soon as you look for a combination that meets your criteria then your destination is your decision! A truck camper is your key to anywhere you intend to go, and you can opt for just as much style as your heart desires!

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