Did you know that more than fifty construction workers of home improvement persons fall down from ladders annually. 50 percent of these fatalities are people that were doing a project from the ladder. The main reason the deaths happened was because they were stepping down from the ladder. They did not follow ladder lock safety. The ladder either slide from its base or tilted sideways.

The most important factor in ladder lock safety is making sure the lock is utilized and in its proper placement. schluesseldienst-sarfeld are as follows:

Ladders that are 48 feet or more in length must have five feet of overlap.

Ladders that are 32 to 48 feet tall should have an overlap of at least four feet.

Ladders that are less than 32 feet long should have an overlap of three feet or more.

Extension ladders need to have the top portion locked and overlap the two sections.

Locks must be greased and oiled on a consistent basis.

A ladder lock you should consider using is the Hook Um Ladder Lock. It is one of the newest and most advanced. The Hook Um Dano ensures safety, plus it also stops theft. You can use it to fit your van, truck, or ladder racks. There are no loose chains, wires, ropes, or straps. If you are traveling, your ladder is locked in, and protected from thieves and accidents. You receive a full warranty from the manufacturer for one year.

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