Taking Migration Seriously: Real Solutions to Complex Challenges at the Border

At Foster, we’re proud of our long history of service and advocacy on behalf of immigrants and their families. We deliver a full suite of immigration enterprise solutions customized to meet the needs of your organization. Investment-based (EB-5) opportunities allow for immigration of foreign-born investors. We represent individuals and companies in a variety of industries all over the US, from start-ups to large publicly traded corporations. More important than their pure economic contributions are the role they currently play in our society. Nearlyhalf of the over 1 million DACA-eligible people in the United States are essential workers, according to a New American Economy analysis of American Community Survey data.
She learned first-hand the challenges of immigrating to the U.S.A. She decided to pursue Immigration Law to help her fellow immigrants navigate the complicated and demanding immigration system. Micol is multilingual and thus is able to communicate directly with clients in five languages. This skill also has been proven extremely useful when translators in Immigration Court err in translating a client’s testimony. The Department of Homeland Security reported in December that they reached their target of 18,000 border patrol agents protecting the land and sea borders of the United States, most of who are stationed along the U.S.-Mexico border.
In protest, some governors and state legislators are working to prevent new detention facilities from being built in their jurisdictions. We offer more than 100 immigration services to address your specific immigration needs. https://www.usimmigrationadvisor.com/ of Immigration Solutions LLC is an immigrant herself, who has personal experience in dealing with U.S.
We help employers navigate the immigration compliance maze with ease and protect against unwanted liability. Under the North American Free Trade Agreement , Canadian citizens can apply for TN or L-1 status in-person at the port-of-entry. Our attorneys will facilitate the adjudication process and help clarify any questions CBP may have about a particular case. We can help you with all of your immigration law-related needs so you can work in the United States or Canada.
State-level action, in conjunction with media and interested NGOs, will be an incomplete solution to a large-scale problem. However, the alternative is the perpetuation of a less effective system that subjects hundreds of thousands of individuals to the potential of sub-standard conditions, health and safety risks, and an abrogation of due process rights. It also presents an interesting policy question regarding state- and local-level choices regarding facilities that house federal detainees. In the case of Texas during the Obama administration, expediting the licensing process preserved lucrative contracts and ensured adequate ICE capacity to detain families, and in the process left persistent questions about detention conditions and human rights violations. Prior to the Trump administration’s implementation of zero tolerance, family detention was an ongoing controversy that centered on two facilities in southern Texas. The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services proposed to license two family detention centers as child care facilities via emergency rules, a process that allowed them to proceed without public comment.
In short, many factors inspire people to immigrate to the United States. Some immigrants are inspired by American freedoms, such as freedoms of speech and religion or the freedom to be free of unreasonable search and seizure by police or intelligence agencies. Some other immigrants are inspired by the availability of a free marketplace, absence of widespread corruption, and the availability of a level playing field to grow professionally and economically.
Employees of E visa holders may also be eligible to come to the United States. To obtain either visa, an individual must be a member of a recognized treaty country, though it is important to note that the treaty countries that qualify for one visa do not necessarily qualify for the other. The length of an E visa depends on the type of business and the investment made, and there is generally no limit on how many times an E visa can be renewed. The E-2 visa is a flexible visa that can applied to many different business models – from purchasing an existing business or franchise to opening a restaurant to starting a consulting practice.
Please do not send any confidential information to us until such time as an attorney-client relationship has been established. Arrangements between ORR and its contractors over the last two years have been opaque. The flow of unaccompanied children into its custody has created a growing industry of contractors to house and transport migrant children. Sometimes these facilities only come to light because a neighbor sees children being led into and leaving a local office building. It’s clear that not all states have been able to keep up with monitoring the changing immigration landscape as the flow across the border has changed to include more children and families, and this is a key area where they can learn from each other.

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